If the child had three or more episodes of watery stools, then it is considered as onset of diarrhea. Diarrhea continues to be neglected by the people. People do not realise the severity of diarrhea because of lack of awareness, which often leads to admission in hospital or death.

Passage of watery stools causes dehydration and sensitive gut line, due to which the child’s body is not able to absorb the required amount of nutrients. Doctor Prescribes ORS and Zinc Tablets as the first and most crucial diarhhea treatment.

Let us know why ORS and Zinc are the best diarrhea treatment.

Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS): –

Content: ORS contains glucose that helps to hydrate the body and salts that increases the level of electrolytes.

Dosage: ORS comes in different packaging and it should be made according to the instruction given behind the package and given to the baby in proper time interval ORS should be given every time after the baby stools in order to maintain the hydration. Clean water should be used to make ORS, if the water is not clean then boil it before using.

Use: Diarrhea causes dehydration, which is lack of water and electrolytes in an infant’s body. ORS contains glucose and electrolytes, which hydrates the body and fills for the electrolytes lost. Every time the baby stools, he/she should be given ORS to hydrate the body. If your baby is vomiting after taking ORS, he should be consulted to a doctor immediately.

Dast jaanleva hai | Savdhan rahe ghar me ORS aur Zinc rakhe

ZINC Tablets: –

Content: Zinc Tablets contains several forms of zinc, such as Zinc sulphate.

Dosage: Zinc Tablets are available over the counter. The Course of these tablets is for 14 days, and each day. These tablets are given to an infant above two months.½ tablets should be given to children of 2 to 6months of age and 1 tablet should be given to children above 6 months to 60months. If by mistake, your infant consumes more then one tablet, he would vomit it, and if he does not, he should immediately be taken to a doctor.

Use: Due to diarrhea, the gut lining of the infant becomes weak, which leads to a weak immune and less absorption of nutrients from food. Zinc helps the gut line to become healthy, and that leads to absorption of nutrients of food, which helps an infant to get back in a healthy state.

We should understand the severity of diarrhea and do not neglect it. As soon as the child has watery stools, you should immediately give him ORS and then consult a doctor. If your baby is below 5 years of age, you should always be prepared diarrhea by keeping Zinc Tablets and ORS in your First Aid kit

Dast kabhi batake nahi aate, unke liye taiyaar rehna Ghar mein ORS hai na?


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