If your child has had 3 or more than three episodes of watery stools, then it is considered as onset of diarrhea. Diarrhea is caused because of the passage of germs through the oral-fecal route. Children are more vulnerable to diarrhea as compared to adults.

 Diarrhea causes dehydration(Loss of water and electrolytes from the body) and low immunity, which makes the child weak and energy less. With the onset of diarrhea, the child should immediately be given ORS and Zinc to help him recover.

Dr A. K. Aggarwal on diarrhea in children

Oral Rehydration Solution(ORS) is made of glucose, which helps the child’s body to hydrate and regains the electrolytes. ORS comes in different packaging and it should be made according to the instruction given behind the package. It should be given to the baby when diarrhea starts and also after every stool in order to maintain the water level lost in the body. ORS is given as a treatment for dehydration. Dehydration can be fatal and is considered to be one of the major reasons for deaths caused by diarrhea. ORS can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours. If your child is vomiting after taking ORS, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Zinc Tablets contains different forms of zinc, such as zinc sulphate. Diarrhea leads to weakening of the gut line, which does not let the body absorb nutrition from food, which causes undernourishment in the child’s body. Zinc tablets help to strengthen the gut line, which improves the absorption of nutrition from the food. Zinc tablets are available over the counter. ½ tablets should be given to children of 2 to 6months of age and 1 tablet should be given to children above 6 months to 60months. There are 14 tablets in one pack, and the dosage is one tablet per day. If by mistake, your child consumes more than one tablet, he will vomit it, but if not, then you should immediately consult a doctor. The course of these tablets is for 14 days, and it is advisable to complete it even if the stools have stopped. Completing the course prevents from, diarrhea turning into pneumonia, admission in the hospital, and also reduces the chances of diarrhea occurring again.

ORS and Zinc Tablets are the most effective diarrhea medicine for children. Most of the parents are unaware of how severe diarrhea and its consequences are. Often the treatment is delayed and in that case, the child’s condition gets worse gradually and sometimes leads to admission in the hospital. To avoid this, the child should immediately be treated with ORS and Zinc without any delay and then consult a doctor.


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